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Flow Security Systems Inc. designs, manufacturers and markets security and safety devices to the worldwide industrial valve market. Flow Security Systems designs security products to protect consumers, employees and equipment from unauthorized users, accidental adjustments, vandals and terrorists.

The concern to protect valuable flow equipment and to maintain optimum security and safety is on every corporate agenda. Flow Security Systems consults to municipalities, OEM manufacturers and plant operators and offers effective products and programs that are easy to install, maintain and service.

Flow Security Systems manufacturing plant is located in Camarillo California. It is a vertically orientated company with an in-house team of engineers, tool-makers, salesmen and marketing personnel. Flow Security Systems goal is to deliver excellent service and products based on years of dependable service and reliable product. Flow Security Systems can provide security and safety devices designed to protect flow systems for a variety of industries including:

Water and Wastewater, Petroleum Refining, Oil and Gas Transmission, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals,Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Construction, Iron and Steel, Petrochemicals.