Versalock(Sealed Cap)

Versalock(Sealed Cap)
Item# FSS-750

Product Description

Are you protecting your fuel from theft? The FSS-750 Versalock security cap is a quick and inexpensive way of safeguarding costly fuel and oil from theft, tampering and vandalism. It is designed for use on home heating oil tanks, above ground storage tanks and fuel storage tanks. The FSS 750 is different from any other cap on the market today. It is designed with Spinsecure's patented "free-spinning" technology. When the cap is in the secure mode the cap will free spin making it virtually impossible to remove

-Includes 2 keys

-Built in thermal relief

-Made from hard non ferrous alloy

-Weatherproof self closing latch prevents moisture, dirt or debris from entering lock

-Fits all standard 2" male thread(male adapter sold separately for use on female thread application)


2" Male Adapter
2" Male Adapter
2" National pipe thread adapter for use with a female versalock cap
Additional or Replacement Key