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FaucetLock III



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NEW IMPROVED DESIGN: The Faucet Lock III is made from high strength ABS plastic that will not corrode or rust. Our locks are a revolutionary new way to secure your hose bibbs, silcocks and outdoor faucets.T his lock has a unique patented free-spinning design in order to secure faucets and hose bibbs from miscellaneous vandalism, unauthorized use, tampering and water theft.

EASY INSTALLATION: Securing hose bibs from vandalism and theft of water has never been easier. The Faucet Lock III is extremely easy to use, literally installs in seconds, no tools required. The FSS 500P secures all ¾ inch garden hose thread faucets (hose bibbs).

MULTI-PURPOSE USE: The Faucet Lock III provides complete security at your house, vacation home, or apartment. The FSS 500P also works perfect for commercial and industrial buildings, ideal for schools, college campuses and shopping centers and can easily secure hospitals and apartments.

KEYED THE SAME: The Faucet Lock III is keyed alike so that multiple hose bibbs can be secured with the convenience of having only one key. Perfect for commercial and industrial buildings, farm lands, parks and recreational areas where there are numerous FaucetLocks being used over a large area. If you prefer a different key for each lock, that option is also available.

WATER CONSERVATION: The Faucet Lock III promotes water conservation by preventing drips from malfunctioning bibs. When installed, It will also prevent water from leaking when the valve is turned on, thus conserving water and ultimately saving money from wasteful water leaks. Even when the valve is completely turned on, the FaucetLock will prevent all water from coming out!