Steel drums are frequently used in industrial applications for storing raw materials, hazardous chemicals, solvents and other supplies. Their efficient design makes it easy to store and move materials from a central warehouse to different facilities. Regardless of whether you use stainless steel or carbon steel drums, plastic or polypropylene there is always a high probability of product degradation when these drums are placed outdoors. If you do not want any issues related to drum stacking and storage, it is advisable to invest in the following products for safety concerns:-

  • Spill control pallets

Spill control pallets provide comprehensive protection from product leakage and contamination. They not only act as a protective barrier, but also helps businesses in complying with the standard SPCC and EPA spill containment requirements.

  • Drum sheds

For outdoor storage of drums, it is important to purchase durable drum sheds. They are specifically designed for protecting steel drums from harmful consequences of weather extremities. They act as a sacrificial layer that will safeguard your steel drums from damage.

  • Oil drum locks

Another excellent way of protecting the contents of container drums from contamination or sabotage is the use of high quality oil drum locks. They have a robust construction and a fairly simple installation process. Being made of non-corrosive materials, these locks can last for a long duration of time without any degradation in quality.

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