Have you noticed your water bill mysteriously going up? You might be a victim of water theft. You should check your outside bib or faucet for possible unauthorized use. A good quality faucet lock with state-of-the-art technology can fix all these problems. Installing a faucet lock gives you a variety of benefits. It allows you to prevent miscellaneous vandalism, unauthorized water use, and tampering. It’s the perfect solution for homeowners who need the convenience of leaving their hose attached, yet still need to maintain the highest level of protection from water waste and costly misuse.



Faucet guard and locks come loaded with great features like free-spinning design and magnetic keys to offer top-class performance and security. They are Also waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and extremely easy to install.

What it secures

A faucet lock can be used to secure hose bibbs, silcocks and outdoor faucets or taps.

One key for multiple hose bibbs

When using multiple hose bibb locks, you can key them all alike, so that a number of hose bibbs can be secured with the convenience of having only one key. This feature is extremely useful in farm lands, commercial and industrial buildings, parks and recreational areas, where numerous locks are used over a large area.

Stop the unauthorized use of water at your business, home, apartment building, hotels and more, get a top-quality faucet lock from Lock Vendors – Designer & Manufacturer of security and safety devices for domestic and industrial use.

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